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How to Create a Rich Social Work Mentality (Infographic + Workbook)

How to create a rich social work mentality - infographic (1)


So what do you think about the infographic? Did I leave a step out? Does it seem like too much to remember? Let me know in the comments so we can get some juicy discussion going.

And did I hear you say that you wanted a workbook to go with this nifty infographic so that you can dive deeper into the realms of the rich social worker mentality?

Sure thing! I’ve got one for you right here (no opt-in required).


mockup of workbook2

All I ask is that if you like these resources that you share them with everyone in the world!!!…no? How about just your friends then? That’d be great.

Don’t forget to download your workbook!

See you on the rich side!


Tech Rich: How Social Work Helper’s Deona Hooper is Using Technology to Change the world

Have you ever tried to reach – oh, say – a million people a week or speak to issues of gender equality, race relations, technology, and elitism all at the same time? Well that’s exactly what one of my social work s-heros, Social Work Helper’s Editor-in-Chief Deona Hooper, does every day. Continue reading

6 Ways Your Product or Service Might Change Your Life

There are many ways to reach “Rich Social Worker” status:

  • Saving + Investing
  • Winning the lottery
  • Marrying into money
  • Creating a product or service that people want to buy

…for now let’s talk about the products and services rout (it gets juicy soon enough, I promise). Continue reading

Money: What Rich Social Workers Do To Make More

Ask any random social worker on the street what the number one complaint in social work is and they’ll say it’s the money (or, rather, the lack thereof).

This is not a new complaint and not likely one to go away in the next several years. Social work has long been associated with volunteerism and poverty and it seems that the more good we try to do, the harder it is to make a living doing it. Continue reading

Living Richly From the Inside Out: My Interview With Karlecia Swan

I always love to hang out with social workers – so much fun and self-awareness in one place it’s intoxicating.

But I especially love when I get to hang out with old classmates who have gone on to do great things. Being with those people really helps me to put my journey into perspective because I get to see how far we’ve all come.

And on that note, I recently had the great pleasure of hanging out with one of my former classmates, Karlecia Swan. Karlecia and I would often sit near to each other in class and subsequently end up running role plays and group projects together. Hashtag What-were-we-supposed-to-be-learning-again? Continue reading

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