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5 Reasons Why Social Workers Need to be Rich

When most people think of social workers they don’t normally think of wealth or riches. In fact, if they do think of money at all it’s usually in the not-making-any sort of way.

It’s an unfortunate association, but the profession is often considered to be one of the most underpaid that exists. I say unfortunate because although the career path is lauded as a noble one, the typical correlating salary is less than prestigious. Continue reading

Things to Stop Saying NOW!

A few weeks ago I wrote a fun post called 12 Stupid Things Social Workers Say About Money. I had a blast finding e-cards to correspond to all of the reasons and made light of some of the things we often say.

So last week I decided to do a video highlighting three of the 12 saying on camera – there’s just something about video that makes the information click!

Words have power and you are one powerful being, so make sure that what you say supports your highest good. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

To your rich social work success!

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10 Reasons Why Social Workers Don’t Talk About Money and 3 Reasons Why They Should

Ask any social worker what issue matters most and you’ll hear an array of social causes as diverse as the people who care about them.

Continue reading… Continue reading

Proof Positive That You Can Profit From Your Passion: Lessons From Social Work Publishing Pioneer, Linda Grobman

Picture it…

The year was 1996 and I was surrounded by 49 other eager beavers in the basement computer lab of my college library.

circa 1996 in the middle of my love affair with Blackberry lipstain.

me circa 1996

Everyone was engrossed in their own screen, feverishly typing away to reach their assignment deadlines in time, or scouring the internet for that crucial piece of knowledge that would make their assignment that much more complete.

(dramatic pause…) And then I saw it. Continue reading

15 Reasons Why You May Never be a Rich Social Worker (+ Action Steps to Start)

So you’re a social worker and you want to be a rich.


Chances are you felt called to your chosen profession from your own experiences and perspective, and more than likely you’re mostly satisfied with your work – at least you know you’re helping people, so that’s a good thing, right? Continue reading

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